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Monthly: May 2017


High Performance Windows In Derbyshire To Suit A Period Property


If you live in a rural stone cottage in Derbyshire or in a period property, it’s important to find home improvements that fit in with your property’s charm and appeal. Finding replacement windows for traditional properties has never been so easy.

Thanks to advances in window technology, you can now get elegant looking windows which are tailored to fit seamlessly into period properties. Not to mention that they also come with all the benefits of modern window technology.

At Trade Windows in Derby our Modus flush sash window range mixes traditional looks with the latest in thermal performance. Modus windows are really low maintenance, which means once they’ve been fitted you don’t have to do anything except admire them!

There’s three sash options to choose from too. Standard sash, slim rebate sash and fully flush sash.  If you live in a traditional country home, then the fully flush sash is the choice for you. It’s the perfect replacement window in Derbyshire.

Plus, there’s a wide range of choice on colours to choose from with more than 30 colour options including single colour and dual colour. So, you can colour match the inside and outside of the frame or choose colour on white.

Flush sash Modus windows look like a traditional timber window even close up, but offers so much more. Made from PVCu and enhanced with realistic woodgrain finishes, the modus flush sash window looks like a timber window but you won’t have to worry about the frame rotting or splitting. And there’s no repainting either.

All this makes Modus flush sash the window of choice if you own a traditional country home.

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High Thermal Efficiency

Modus is made with the latest in window technology. Hours of research has gone into making sure the window has one of the best energy efficiency performances on the market. It’s a fantastic long-term investment because having Modus fitted into your period property can help you to lower your energy bills, saving you money year after year.

Really Secure

When you’re buying a replacement window it’s also important to think about security for your home. Modus from Trade Windows has a really strong frame that makes it really safe.

The Trade Windows Modus window range is made with a high-security frame that gives your home that extra level of security.

Choice on Handles

You can also choose from a range of handles when selecting a modus window for your high-performance window in Derbyshire. Modus PVCu flush sash windows are complemented with a stunning range of handle options in a wide range of finishes. So you can find a door handle and hinge range to match your window perfectly.

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If you’re thinking about replacing your windows with a Modus window, get in touch with Trade Windows here to book an appointment with one our experienced home improvement specialists.


Mix the Modern With The Traditional With Composite Doors In Derby

Composite Doors in Derby

Your front door is the first thing people see when they visit your home and it’s the last thing you look at when you go out. So choosing the right front door makes all the difference to making your home special.

Your front door also says a lot more about you than you might think. The style and look of it can give passers by a real impression of the character of the people inside. We all like to have a bit of friendly competition with the neighbours and installing a new front door that has real style can make your home stand out on the street.

At Trade Windows, composite doors are really popular and we are working on more and more installations of composite doors in Derby. This is because if you pop into our Home Improvement Centre on London Road, you can customise a composite door down to almost every detail to suit your home.

Composite Doors in Derby

With a Trade Windows composite door, you have plenty of choice on all the important parts that make up your ideal entrance door. Colour is a great starting point. Our composite doors in Derby come in a really wide range of shades. There are greys, reds, blues and greens. In fact, almost any colour you can think of, we do. To take a look at how some of our brilliant colours look, read our composite door colours blog.

It’s not just colour that you can choose from. You can also customise the design of your composite door. With special glazing, a choice of handles, knockers and letterplates, your front door will be unique to you.

What’s great about composite doors is that they not only look fantastic, they offer you all the benefits your front door needs to be effective. Check out below some of the key things a composite door can do for you and your home.

Composite Doors in Derby

Keeps You Warmer

Because of the material our composite doors are made from, they have superior insulation and stop heat from escaping your home. Inside our composite doors is a foam core which is fully insulated, keeping the warm air in and the cold air, out in the cold!

Really Secure

Trade Windows composite doors are made to be secure. Their material makes the door slabs themselves really strong and when you add a 3-star handle and locking system into the mix, you can get a super strong door that helps to protect your home.

Blocks Out Noise

If you live on a main road in Derby, where there’s a lot of traffic, you’ll want a door that reduces all the outside noises. With a Trade Windows composite door, its insulation doesn’t just have an effect on the temperature of your home but it also helps to keep noises out. This helps to keep your home quieter, creating a more relaxing space for you to chill out in.

See the biggest range of composite doors in Derby at the Trade Windows Home Improvement Centre. If you’re thinking about replacing your front door with a composite door, call Trade Windows on 01332 755551 for a free no obligation consultation.


Go For A Solid Conservatory Roof In Derby

Solid Conservatory Roof In Derby

With increased temperatures, flowers starting to blossom, wasps flying round the office stopping everyone from doing their work, the signs are there that the warmer months are very much on their way.

For most of us, the summer is our favourite time of the year. Work starts on the garden and improving the home whilst it’s not too cold to have a gap where a new window or door goes in. Areas of the home that are often forgotten about during the winter, are suddenly occupied more often. The French doors on the conservatory are flung open for the first time in months.

If you have an old glazed or polycarbonate conservatory roof on your conservatory, you may find that it doesn’t have the right insulation to help trap the heat inside during the colder months. So you probably don’t venture inside your conservatory too much during that time. If you replace your glass or polycarbonate roof with a solid conservatory roof in Derby this summer, you’ll be able to use your conservatory right the way through the year.

Solid conservatory roofs are one of the biggest trends in home improvements right now. That’s because they are a really cost-effective way of maximising space in your home. Space that you already have.

How Does A Solid Conservatory Roof Work in Derby?  

The Equinox solid conservatory roof in Derby from Trade Windows, is a tiled roof system that helps to keep the temperature at right level no matter what time of year it is. Made with a solid tiled roof, with plasterboard on the inside, Equinox provides much more insulation than a glass or polycarbonate roof.

It isn’t just the cold temperatures that it has an effect on. Even during the hottest summer days, when the sun is beaming down on your conservatory heating it up, a solid conservatory roof blocks out the glare of the sun. If you have a south facing conservatory, you probably have even less time you can spend in your conservatory before it gets too hot so a solid roof can do wonders for increasing the time you can spend in your conservatory.

The roof tiles block out the rays from shining into your conservatory. They provide shade for you and your family to enjoy your conservatory comfortably. With the windows and doors open, you can create an airy, relaxing space inside your home during the summer. So you can start using your conservatory much more throughout the entire year.

How Else Can Equinox Make A difference?

The benefits of an Equinox solid conservatory roof in Derby from Trade Windows don’t end there. The plasterboard on the interior of your Equinox roof allows you to personalise your space. You can add spotlights or hanging lights on the ceiling, and you can paint the inside of the roof whatever colour you want to fit in with the look of your conservatory. It lets your conservatory feel much more like an extension to your home.

Equinox helps to create a more peaceful environment too. Unlike polycarbonate roofs, the tiles on the Equinox roof reduce the amount of sound from the outside world. No more rain drops hitting your conservatory roof, instead you’re unlikely to hear raindrops landing on your new Equinox roof.

Talk to Trade Windows

If you’d like to find out more about the design options an Equinox solid conservatory roof in Derby provides, read our Equinox conservatory roof for all seasons blog.  Or call the Trade Windows team on 01332 755551 to speak to one of our home improvement specialists.