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Monthly: April 2017


4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Modus Windows In Derby

Modus Windows In Derby

With the warmer months on the way you’re probably thinking it’s a good time to get new windows. But how do you know which windows you should choose?

One of the biggest trends is to invest in windows that reflect your personality and character, and that help you save money on your energy bills.

Window technology is improving all the time. The quality and look of replacement windows on the market is now really high. Windows last much longer, they provide better security, more choice and help to lower your energy bills.

If you live in a stone cottage in Derbyshire, or in a period property in Derby, you can now get windows that are tailored in design to suit your property, helping to keep its charm and appeal.

At Trade Windows in Derby we sell a range of window styles including casement, heritage and tilt and turn. One of our most popular window styles is the Modus window. It’s a beautiful window that is versatile in design and provides lots of choice for homeowners. It also benefits from the latest Eurocell technology which means it has thermally efficient frames and is fitted with energy saving glass.

Here are our top 4 reasons you should choose Modus windows in Derby.

Over 30 Colours And Finishes, Inside and Out

There is lots of choice on colours and finishes with a Modus Window in Derby. You’ll find one to suit your taste and your home’s character with over 30 colours to choose from.

There aren’t just colour options on the outside, they’re on the inside too. You can choose to either have white on the inner frame or dual colour so the colour on the inside matches the outside. Colours include Moondust Grey, Irish Oak, Black Ash and Rosewood.

There’s even an extra special architectural range. In this range, there are subtle metallic and premium woodgrain finishes that complete your Modus window with an extra touch of elegance. Colours in the architectural range include Crown Platin and Agate Grey. There are plenty of options for you to look through. If you’d like some advice on choosing the best colour for your home, visit the Trade Windows Home Improvement Centre to speak with our experienced home improvement team.

Three Sash Options

Another reason to choose Modus windows in Derby is the three different sash options to choose from. For a traditional window with clean sightlines and sleek frames, there’s the standard sash window.

For a window with a modern look, the slim rebate Modus window has clean sightlines and slimmer frames for a contemporary look.

Modus flush sash windows are the window of choice if you’re looking for a window that looks like traditional timber window but is stronger, more thermally efficient, provides greater security and has lots more options on design. Try adding Georgian bars for even more style.

Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Modus Windows are manufactured to keep heat inside your home and stop it escaping to the outside world. It’s a really cost-effective window. When replacing your old tired windows, Modus is the best option to go for next.

It can achieve window energy ratings as high as A+, which is the best energy rating. With Modus you can look forward to saving money on your energy bills and spending it on the things you want to.

12-year Guarantee 

For complete peace of mind, Modus has a 12-year guarantee, one of the longest guarantees on windows. Modus is made with a 6-chamber frame which means it doesn’t twist under pressure and helps to add security to your home because the windows are so strong. With Modus, you can trust that your window will be a really good long-term investment.

If you want to find out more about why you should get Modus windows in Derby, call Trade Windows on 01332 755551.


3 Star Locking System For Secure Front Doors

3 star locking system for secure front doors in Derby

We take your security really seriously, especially when it comes to our front doors. We know that an entrance door plays a number of roles for your home and keeping it secure is its main job.

You want a front door that provides excellent security for the home and gives you peace of mind so you know that your family and your possessions are kept safe at all times.

All our entrance doors have tons of choices on style and colour, but it needs to have a secure locking system to be really effective.

Whether it’s a new alarm system or a security light on the back of your home, there are many ways to help to deter potential intruders and make sure your property is safe. A simple way of increasing security in your home is by investing in a front door with a locking system that won’t snap under pressure from an attempted break-in.

That’s why we have introduced a new 3-star locking system across our range of entrance doors, so you can get a really secure front door for your home in Derby.

The new Evolution high security locking system, manufactured by Mila, is tested to Secured By Design requirements.

How has it been tested?

The new locking system on our entrance doors has been rigorously tested to make sure it can cope even under high duress. Handle snapping, cylinder snapping, drilling and picking are four of the most common methods used by people to attempt to get inside a property.

The locking system has been tested to demonstrate its robust resistance against all four of these methods.

To combat handle snapping, the locking system is made with a cast steel design and enhanced screw fixings, making it almost impossible to jemmy the handle back plate off the door slab. An integrated cylinder guard acts like a protective cocoon around the cylinder to prevent it from being attacked.

To add to this, the handle and lock has a really clever anti-drill disc which spins when under attack so the drill cannot penetrate the cylinder.

Is it easy to use?

The Mila Evolution locking system is designed to be really hard for potential intruders to penetrate, but it’s really easy for you to use. Made for both left and right hand doors, the handle and lock has been designed to be easy to use by anyone.

Pop by our Home Improvement Centre just off London Road to test out one of our new Mila locking systems for yourself.

Talk to Trade Windows

If you want a really secure front door in Derby, then get in touch with Trade Windows and we can help you make the right decision on both style and security to make sure you have the best front door for your home. Call us now on 01332 755551.


Home Improvement Trends To Watch Out For This Spring

With the weather starting to get warmer, you might be thinking about ticking off the next thing on your home improvements list. Whether it’s replacing windows or doors, having a conservatory fitted, or an extension, there are lots of ways to refurbish your home and increase space.

If you’re yet to decide what your next home improvement project should be, we can give you the inspiration you need.  At Trade Windows, we work on lots of home improvement installations across Derby and we’ve noticed the key trends that will inspire your next project.

Here are our top home improvement trends for this Spring.

Bring The Outside In

It maybe a trend that’s been around for a while, but there’s never been a better time to bring the outside in. More and more homeowners are looking to blend the space between the home and their garden.

Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium bifold doors are a great way to make more of the outside. With panels anywhere between 2 and 7, depending on what space you have, bifold doors bring lots of natural light into the home and provide easy access to the garden outside. Bifold doors open in a concertina effect and fold away neatly to one, or both sides depending on what you decide to go with. They create a completely open space looking out into the garden. Great for parties and family get togethers.

Homeowners in Derby love a bit of gardening and bringing it closer to the home helps to enjoy the garden all year round. So whether you live in Spondon or Allestree, Mickleover or Oakwood, a bifold door can really help to bring a modern touch to your home, bringing the garden closer to you.

Home Improvements in Derby

Taking Advantage of Space

Sometimes when you’re looking to add extra space in your home, you might forget that you already have it. Conservatories are often overlooked for much of the year because they don’t provide a comfortable temperature. But a solid conservatory roof changes that.

Solid conservatory roofs are one of the fastest growing trends in home improvements right now. With a solid conservatory roof you can transform your conservatory into a comfortable space all year round.

At Trade Windows, we install the Equinox solid conservatory roof system. Equinox helps to protect your conservatory from the glare of the sun in the summer, keeping your conservatory cooler, and with added insulation, it also stops the warm air escaping in the winter.

There’s plenty of design choice too. Take a look at our info on the Equinox conservatory roof to find out more. Make sure you take advantage of the space you already have and go for an Equinox roof.

Home Improvements in Derby

Perfect For Your Home

Make your home improvements perfect for your home. Over the last few years more homeowners are coming to us to talk about personalising their doors and windows.

This has led to lots of choice on colours and design. Doors and windows are being manufactured with lots of options to make sure each and every homeowner can find a style that suits them perfectly.

At Trade Windows, our home improvement products offer lots of choice to people in Derby. Did you know that we have a range of windows including Modus, which comes in more than 30 colour options and 4 sash types?

Then there are our aluminium bifold and sliding doors. They come in a huge range of colours so there are so many options for you to choose from. Make sure you take your time to find the right colour for you.

Our entrance doors also offer lots of choice, which takes me onto the next trend for home improvements in Derby this spring.

An Entrance Door That Stands Out

We’re finding that more and more homeowners are making a statement about their personality and taste through their front doors. Choice on colour, frames, decorative glass and finishing touches is bigger than ever. This is being driven by people wanting their front door to stand out next to their neighbours, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

At Trade Windows we are working on more and more composite door installations across Derby and the neighbouring towns. They are really popular with visitors to the Home Improvement Centre just off London Road in Derby.

Composite doors are actually on their way to taking over PVCu entrance doors as the go to choice for a residential door in Derby. At Trade Windows there are over 30 composite door styles to choose from in more than 40 colours. Check out our composite door colours blog to find out more about the colours you can choose.

Composite doors from Trade Windows come in both modern or traditional designs, you can even go for a stable door if you want the perfect door for a period property. There is a fantastic selection of finishing touches too. With bow handles and straight handles you can complete your door in a really stylish modern way. Decorative glass is also a really great way to get an entrance door that matches your taste.

So if you want to make a lasting impression on visitors and passers-by, go with a composite door from Trade Windows for your next home improvement in Derby.

Home Improvements in Derby

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If you’re starting your next home improvement, speak to the team at Trade Windows. We have specialists on hand with years of experience working on installations across windows, doors, conservatories and many other home improvements. Call us now on 01332 755551 to make an appointment with a member of the team.