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Monthly: December 2016


Aluminium Windows and Doors: Mix or Match?

Aluminium Windows and Door

If you’re looking to replace your windows and doors with aluminium ones, you may want to decide whether you want to mix or match your aluminium windows and doors on colour and style.

Aluminium is an increasingly popular choice with homeowners looking to bring modern, versatile glazing to their homes, because aluminium comes with a raft of benefits.

Aluminium itself is a really robust material so its natural strength provides added security to your home, and it also makes it resistant to corrosion which stops it from warping, twisting and expanding.

This strength means that aluminium windows and doors can have super slim frames. The strength of the material allows it to hold more glass, lending more freedom to design. Surprisingly, as it is such a strong material, it is also lightweight so if you’re opening an aluminium bifold or sliding door, it’s really easy.

Also, thanks to the latest developments in technology, aluminium windows and doors are manufactured with a thermal break. A piece of insulated material is slotted in between the inner and outer layer of aluminium, to trap the heat trying to escape from the home and keeping it inside, making your home nice and cosy.

Aluminium windows and doors are also really easy to maintain. They don’t ever need repainting, so now you can spend those days in the Summer doing what you should be, relaxing.

One of the main things that attract homeowners to aluminium windows and doors is the wide range of choice there is on colours and finishes. Aluminium can be sprayed with any RAL colour so there is a huge number of colour options to choose from. In fact, there are 213 classic RAL colours and almost 500 RAL effect colours.

Aluminium Windows and Doors: Match?

When it comes to deciding whether you want to mix or match the colours on your aluminium windows and doors you may want to take a few things into mind. Take a look at the style of your property and decide whether you want your glazing to contrast with the brickwork.

If your home has light brick work, darker colours like greys and browns contrast beautifully and make your glazing really stand out. If the bricks on your home have more of a red colour, you may want to opt for lighter coloured glazing, like creams and whites.

With aluminium, matching the colours across all your windows and doors can look really great. And why stop there. If you match the same colour to your roofline, garage and patio doors, you create a sweeping design across your entire property which gives your home great kerb appeal. Check out our blog to see the benefits of adding aluminium bifold doors to your home.

Aluminium Windows and Doors: Mix?

At the moment, greys are the most popular colour range for homeowners. When aluminium was more commonly used for commercial projects than domestic ones, grey was always popular with building developers and this seems to have crossed over to homeowners too.

Grey colours bring a touch of elegance to any home and really bring out the glazing, giving properties a lot more personality.

If you want to go for grey on your aluminium windows and doors, and you don’t want to match your colours, you may want to think about contrasting your windows and doors with different greys.

Slate grey is one of the most popular greys and it’s quite a dark grey. Going for light grey windows with a slate grey door not only means you have the elegant and modern look grey brings across your property, but you also have a contrast between the two different shades.

More reasons to choose Aluminium

For more reasons to choose aluminium, read our bifold doors and windows blogs. If you’d like any help or advice on your home improvement project, call Trade Windows on 01332 755551.


Bring the ‘Grand Designs’ look to your home with Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are becoming more and more popular with homeowners. They really are starting to become the go to choice over counterparts like PVCU and timber. It’s an affordable way to bring a ‘Grand Designs’ look to your home.

And it’s no wonder they are so popular when you look at the style and benefits that aluminium windows bring to a home. With a huge choice of colours and finishes, a whole range of different looks can be achieved helping to make any home stand out.

Aluminium itself is really easy on the eye. Its smooth texture and modern look makes it an ideal choice for modern renovations and new build properties. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t suited to traditional homes.

Thanks to classical finishes and styles, aluminium can be used to breath fresh life into older properties with tired looking windows or if you want to, give an older property a modern look.

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows, Trade Windows sell a range of aluminium windows that suit any property. Here are some of the reasons why aluminium, should be your choice of window.

Aluminium Windows Are Easy to Maintain

Unlike old wood windows which you have to repaint and maintain, aluminium is resistance to corrosion so it keeps its colour for longer meaning little or no maintenance for you to do.

Whatever colour or finish you go with, the windows will stay looking new for longer.

Aluminium Windows Are Strong and Durable

Aluminium windows are tough, and they like to make it tough for potential intruders.

Because aluminium is such a strong material, it provides added security for your home helping to stop attempted break-ins. Add to this security glass, and it gives you added peace of mind in knowing your home is secure. Trade Windows aluminium windows are also fitted with the latest multipoint locking systems, so your aluminium windows will truly be secured.

The strength of aluminium also makes it really durable, so it won’t warp, twist or expand, leaving your window in great condition for longer.

Aluminium Windows Keep You Warm

Thanks to advances in manufacturing, aluminium windows provide great thermal efficiency. They are fitted with thermal break technology which uses a piece of insulated material in between the two layers of aluminium to stop heat from escaping, to keep it in your home.

This makes aluminium windows a good choice for living spaces such as lounges and bedrooms as they provide great comfort.

Aluminium Windows Provide a Wide Choice On Colour

Shades of grey are one of the most popular colour ranges at the moment in aluminium. When aluminium was mainly just used for aluminium developments, greys tended to be the colour of choice and this taste seems to have continued with homeowners.

But it isn’t just greys you can get aluminium windows in, it’s any RAL colour which gives you a broad number of colours to choose from. There are colours which have a modern look and colours that can work wonderfully for traditional properties.

Talk to Trade Windows

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Maximise Space For Your Family With Trade Windows

Increasing space in the home is something we could all do with, especially if you have a large or growing family, which makes space a little harder to come by.

You need somewhere to relax after a tiring day at work or somewhere for the kids to hang out after school. Maybe you really enjoy cooking and you want more space in the kitchen, or somewhere for peace and quiet. We all want space for different reasons.

There’s a trend now to make ‘in’ the new ‘out’ during the week and on weekends. This means we are spending more time in our homes, so making the most of the space you have is becoming more and more important.

Also, because more people are tending to stay home rather than go out, it means we like to entertain more. So we need that space to not only relax, but that’s great for having a few friends or family over for some drinks and a bite of food.

There are many ways to add extra space in the home without having to move to a bigger property. Garage conversions, single-storey extensions, conservatories or orangeries, are just some of the ways to create more space in the home.

There are also some great ways to maximise the existing space. Widespan doors in particular are one of the current trends for making good use of the space you already have.

Bifold doors are really popular because they add extra space to a living or dining area, and they bring so much natural light in that they just make spaces feel so much bigger. Then there are sliding doors too which bring even more light in because of their large glazed areas.

At Trade Windows in Derby, we do a whole range of different home improvements including bifold doors, sliding doors, windows, garage conversions, orangeries and conservatories. We like to help make your home as comfortable as possible and make the best use of the space you have.

Here are just some of our favourite ways to help you make the most out of your space for you and your family.

Trade Windows Bifold Doors

Trade Windows bifold door

A quite simple and cost-effective way to add more space and light into the home is a Trade Windows bifold door. If you want to really bring the outside in and extend views of the garden into your living space, then bifold doors are your answer.

You could add them to your dining room or kitchen so you enjoy the view of your garden whilst you’re sitting down to eat breakfast or dinner as a family. In the colder months, they allow you to enjoy your garden even when it’s a little too cold to go outside. Once the temperature is warmer, you can open the doors up to create one seamless living space between the inside and out.

Trade Windows Sliding Doors

Another widespan door which allows you to make the most out of your dining area, kitchen or an extension, are sliding doors. Like bifolds, they bring plenty of light into the home but there are no panels breaking up the light.

If you tend to work from home a little more during the day or in the evenings, you could have them fitted in a downstairs office. The large glazed area can help your office feel more relaxed and maybe the views outside could give you a bit of extra inspiration for your work.

Unlike bifold doors where you can’t have any furniture near the doors because of its opening style, sliding doors open to the side so you can use the areas around the doors more freely. Maybe a sofa or chair near the doors would be a great viewing area to look out into the garden or try putting some indoor plants to help the room breathe.


Trade Windows Orangery

If you’re looking to add more space that provides plenty of light but gives you more privacy than a conservatory, an orangery is a good addition to your home.

Orangeries are a popular alternative to conservatories. They are much more like a room as they have walls and ceilings. Perfect for any home.

They are often seen as more of a luxury, an orangery is a great space to relax or you could even use it as an office that has plenty of light and that stays bright and warm all year round.

Garage Conversions

If you’re not really using your garage as a place to store tools for the garden or park your car, you may want to think about turning it into an extra room in your house. Whether that’s as a separate living room, dining area or even an extra bedroom.

If you have an older relative who’s planning to move in with you, then converting a garage into a downstairs bedroom can be a really effective way of making their life easier once they have moved in.

If you need more space to cook and prepare meals as well as a place to sit down to eat in your kitchen, then converting your garage from a dark storage space for hoarding items you don’t really need, to a bright modern kitchen, is a really good way of maximising space.

Converting your garage into an extra room can add extra value to your property as well so it can be a good investment for the future.


Trade Windows Edwardian conservatory

A conservatory is a common way of increasing the amount of room in the home. You can get a unique space to suit your taste with the range of different conservatory designs. There are Edwardian, Victorian, Lean to, P-shaped and L-shaped designs to choose from and they are all available from Trade Windows.

Traditionally, conservatories are used as a place to relax and connect the garden to the home. If you have a big or growing family, it can be a good place to just get away from it all, put your feet up and enjoy your garden.

Talk to Trade Windows

If you’re looking to add extra space in your home, or maximise the existing space you already have, get in touch and we can provide you with all the support and advice you need to get the extra room you always wanted. Call us on 01332 755551 to speak to our team.