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Monthly: August 2015


Comfortable conservatories all year round with Trade Windows

Pilkington Activ diagramJust because a conservatory is made up of more than 50% glass doesn’t mean it has to heat up like a greenhouse. Thanks to advanced technologies, glass is now smarter than ever. At Trade windows, we use Pilkington Activ™ glass in our conservatories and orangeries. It’s really clever. It keeps itself clean, keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. And that means that your conservatory will be comfortable for you and your family all year round.

What is Solar Control Glass?

The special glass has properties to manage how much solar energy travels through it, into your conservatory. This means that the temperature is controlled indoors and your conservatory can be enjoyed all year round. Its success is measured in three different ways.

  1. How much heat from the sun is reflected by the glass back into the atmosphere known as reflectance
  2. How much heat from the sun gets through the glass – a process called direct transmittance
  3. How much heat from the sun is absorbed by the glass

Solar Control is slightly tinted to give the best performance and reflects over 60% of solar energy. Choosing solar control glass means your conservatory will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Solar Control & Self-cleaning Glass for Conservatories and Orangeries

Solar Control isn’t all Pilkington Activ glass has to offer. With its self-cleaning technology it’s low-maintenance too.

The special Pilkington Activ™ coating breaks down the dirt through a chemical reaction with the UV light from the sun. Then, when it rains, the water spreads across the glass and washes the dirt away, leaving it clean and smear-free.

This low maintenance feature makes the glass ideal for use in difficult to reach places like conservatory roofs and skypods so you’ll always have perfectly clear glass.

For more information on a beautiful, bespoke conservatory that stays clean and comfortable 365 days a year, call us on 01332 755551 or pop into our showroom on London Road in Derby for a stroll down Trade Street.



How do you convert your garage into a new kitchen?

breedon_extensionHave you ever wished your kitchen was a little less cramped? Do you dream of your family and friends sitting around the new island in your open plan kitchen whilst you cook? Or perhaps adding a utility room would make life a lot easier when the family stampede through the back door.

Whatever it is that would make your kitchen work better for you, the reality might be that you simply haven’t got the space to extend to fit it all in. There is another option though. Convert your garage into the kitchen extension you’ve always wanted.

Many homeowners have become attached to the idea of having and keeping a garage, because they think it will affect the value of the property, but a garage conversion can actually increase the value of your home. It’s one of the most cost effective ways to add more space, so why not join the 678,000 other households in the UK that have turned garages into rooms?

Using the extra living space for a kitchen makes sense. In the majority of homes the garage is already accessible from the kitchen via a door. In fact 35 percent of people keep fridges and freezers in the garage and a quarter store additional food and drink in there. 

Trade Windows take care of everything for you when you have a garage conversion. Our experienced team look after the planning and building regulations and we have a team of reliable tradesmen to turn your dingy garage into a light filled kitchen space.

Pop into our showroom on London Road or call us on (01332) 755551 to talk to us about converting your garage.

To find out other ways you could use your converted garage check out our blogs on making full use of your garage and converting your garage to look after an older relative.