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Monthly: January 2015

Trade Windows: Age UK approved


Finding someone who provides a professional and reliable service can be quite daunting and something that really worries most of us.

To offer reassurance, we’ve been accredited by the Age UK charity and listed in their business directory for the Derbyshire area. This means we’ve been recognised as being a reliable and trustworthy trader to give older people and their families peace of mind.

To be listed as a reputable trader, we’ve passed a series of checks. We’ve met with the Age UK charity, our insurance has been validated and our previous customers have been contacted to ensure that we have an honest trading background.

If you know someone elderly who needs replacement windows and doors, you can be reassured that the homes and people we deal with are in safe hands. As well as being listed in the charity’s local business directory, over the past 20 years we’ve built up a reputation for delivering a skilled, professional service.

If you’d like to look at our listing and customer reviews on the Age UK business directory, please visit the Derby and Derbyshire Age UK website.

For more information about replacement windows, doors or roofline products, call us on 01332 755551 or call into our showroom on London Road in Alvaston.






Are you making full use of your garage?

How many times have you wished you had an extra room? Perhaps you work from home and it’s an office that you need. Or maybe you care for a relative and having a downstairs bedroom would make life easier. You might want to put all your children’s toys in one place so they have a playroom or perhaps you love the idea of having a room in which you can take up a new hobby. Whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon for us to outgrow our homes and start thinking about what we’d do with an extra room.

When it comes to adding space, we tend to think that having an extension, a conservatory or even moving will be the answer. But have you thought about having a garage conversion instead?

For many of us, a garage is somewhere that we store ‘stuff.’ As a home for lawnmowers, tools and general bits and bobs, it has become the go to place to store items that don’t belong inside the house. But is this really the best way to make use of the space?

Converting your garage is an easy way to turn an under-used room into something more useful. Ideal as a home office, a bedroom or even a gym or kitchen, a garage can provide lots of extra living space without the expense of building an extension. What’s more, it doesn’t take as long to complete and is one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your home.

Whether you want to turn your garage into a functional utility room or love the idea of using it as a place to retreat and relax, Trade Windows can take care of everything. As well as managing the planning and building regulations, we have a complete team of reliable tradesmen to turn your garage into the room that could make all the difference to family life.

If you’d like to talk to us about converting your garage, call into our showroom on London Road or call us on (01332) 755551.






Was your Christmas over-crowded?

Christmas may seem like a distant memory, but the feeling of squeezing everyone in can linger. As much as it’s nice to have the family round, the lack of space can bring practical problems during get-togethers and leave you wishing you had more room to accommodate everyone.

Adding a conservatory to your home is the perfect way to gain extra space. As well as adding value to your property, it offers more room for entertaining and hosting family meals so cramming everyone in can be a thing of the past.

If you often have relatives to stay at weekends or during the holidays, a conservatory can also double up as a handy spare room. Your guests can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and the challenge of tackling sleeping arrangements will be much easier.

A conservatory can also come into its own long after the family have gone home. Arguably the most versatile room in the house, it can be used as a playroom, spacious dining room or even an adult-only place to relax at the end of the day.

If you’d like your next family gathering to be less cramped, get in touch to have a conservatory added onto your home in time for the Easter holidays. To make the process simple and stress-free, Trade Windows project manage the entire process and take care of everything from the planning and building regulations to hiring reliable tradesmen.

To find out more about having a conservatory, pop down to our showroom on London Road or call us on (01332) 755551.